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On the evening of my dad’s passing, his hospital roommate consoled my brother by saying, “Remember the good your dad did while he was alive.” On March 11th, 2009 I wrote a “tribute” to my stepdad for his funeral pamphlet and this remark was my focal point. I reflected on my dad’s life and the various roles he played and how he did good in each one of them and made a difference in each of the lives he touched.

I fully embraced and acknowledged how my dad’s choice to love and marry my mom changed her life and the course of my sister and four brothers lives. It became clear to me how every choice within the minutes of our days does affect another and also impacts the direction and quality of our own lives.

Through the small and the big stuff of life we have many opportunities to choose to do good. This You Did Good blog is in honor of the many things Owen McNamara did good. My intention is that it is a space for one to acknowledge someone that did good within the minutes, the days or the years and in the small stuff and the big stuff of life.

If our focus is on the good that people do we will attract more good and one piece at a time we will make the world whole.

Tikkum Olam — is a Hebrew phrase that means “repairing the world”. Despite the feeling of individual smallness within this vast world the inner work/process one does to fulfill their highest self’s calling does make a difference in the healing of the world. If we raise ourselves to the place where the Divine can act through us we complete the work of restoring one part to the Whole.