About Patti's Inspiration

Making the World Whole

Making The World Whole One Piece at a Time

Patti had the initial inspiration for Making the World Whole while working out at the gym in 2008. In her minds eye she saw the world has a gigantic puzzle and each of us being a piece of that whole puzzle. As she continued her work out the heightened realization of how each of us and our choices hugely impacts the wholeness of the world could not be let go. She allowed this thought to settle in her soul and watch it unfold. Patti did not have a clue how this would evolve yet she knew it was meant to be paid attention to.

After losing her step dad in March of 2009 she found herself writing for his funeral about the ways he did good. Although through his living years she knew his choice to marry her mom hugely impacted the life of her and her sister and brothers, it was only on reflection after he passed that the enormity and unselfishness of his decision really took a life of its own.

The You Did Good blog was envisioned and she knew this was the missing piece…Making the World Whole was ready to be birthed. Patti spent weekends and late nights working with talented women to piece this all together. Patti is the proud mom of five great children and one (just as great) son-in-law. She works full time and lives outside of Philadelphia.

Patti thanks Gina Nesterak for her talent in graphic design and unwavering support through this process and also Erin from “Jack Out of the Box Designs” for her expertise in web design and patience with Patti’s lack of technology skills. You both did good !

If we can raise ourselves to the station
of where the Divine can see and act through us,
then we complete the momentous work
of restoring at least one part to the Whole.