March 11th, 2010

Foggy Bottom Grocery

Former Student Association President Kris Hart has invested tens of thousands of dollars to reinvigorate the building formerly known as Foggy Bottom Grocery on George Washington Universities campus. After a long wait, Hart’s operation, called FoBoGro (Foggy Bottom Grocery), is finally slated to open this month. This news is long overdue, and FoBoGro should be a welcome site for the average GW student who is forced to spend money at the same three or four eating establishments every week for eight consecutive semesters.  This is exactly the kind of alumni leadership we need on this campus in tough economic times. Hart has not only provided jobs for students desperate for extra cash, but he has also stimulated the local economy through construction and infrastructure spending. Many of GW’s most famous alumni leave our school, go on to much bigger and better things, and are never seen again on campus. Hart, on the other hand, actually cares enough about our community to not only stay here well beyond his graduation date but also solve real problems faced by our student body. Kris we are proud of you - you did good!

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A poem of inspiration

Jesus dreamt
Of a world
Of one
Global family
Each person
And blood family
Being a gift
From his Abba
Attempting to
Overcome the
Barriers of
Race, colour,
Sex and creed.
Locally we
Come together
With our individualities
Our languages
And cultures

Separate and distinct….
But there are
The obstacles
Of not knowing
Each other
And therefore
Experiencing a degree
Of unsureness
And fear.
We pass different ones
Sometimes as shadows …
Each of us
So tends to
Be centred on self
And yet how
We hunger for
Change, conversion
Of our hearts
And minds.

— adapted from a poem
by T. McKillop