September 14th, 2010

Coach Halligan

Today my sons backpack was missing after soccer practice… We searched the field, the school and the field house with no luck. Through another parent we were able to reach the coach who called me immediately to offer to meet me back at the field as I was panicked for it contained his calculator, his books and his wallet. Before I made it back to the school the coach called me to tell me he found it laying by the flag post outside the field house which yielded great relief to me. I am so impressed by this young man – he stopped whatever he was doing without hesitation to return to the school to search for the backpack. I shared my appreciation for this willingness and he stopped me by saying “that is my job”. He showed incredible empathy about the panic I was feeling over the ramifications of this backpack possibly being lost. Chris Halligan you did good!

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  • Lisa Bruschi

    It is nice to hear that the coach was truly tuned in to the situation and invested in not just the game but each of the players as individuals.
    On a side note, my eyes lit up when I saw a calculator was lost.
    I just purchased one for my son and the type they need for high school these days cost more than the bookbag and at times its contents too!

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