July 19th, 2010

Thank you Marissa, Jill, Letetia, Marie, Barbara, Donna, Patti, Marianne, Chrissy, Traci, Melanie

Let me just start off by saying how proud of myself I am that I have not lost momentum in my rebuilding plan. I’m not saying there haven’t been some steps backwards, there have, but many more steps forward, and not just monetarily (although that’s nice, too). I think what has made it so compelling for me to keep going, are the relationships I am developing.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I am working with a fabulous group of women. Some of which I have known for years superficially, but have never worked with before. Learning more about them, sharing (over sharing of course) about myself, discovering that we have so much in common has been a blast. Finding that although we are all alpha dogs and extremely demanding, it is so easy to work together, who’d have thought?

The conceptualizing, strategizing, and implementing of our ideas, TOGETHER, so much more fun than working alone. I used to have this, but not in recent years, and I have really missed it. I really, REALLY, missed the laughter. I love to laugh, snort, cackle. It’s one of the best parts. And these women get that and get me.

Oh yeah, the pace, the pace is great. You know I love to go fast, and I am working with women who give me a run for my money! I LOVE that even more. I don’t always want to be the one out front (although I do like it). I want the challenge of being a little behind every once in awhile. And yes, everything is a competition, I just don’t always have to win. Wining is good, but the competition is the fun part.

So whenever something doesn’t quite shake out the way I have envisioned, discouragement being the next logical step down the road, I reach out to one of these fabulous women. I am not alone. You all did good!

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A poem of inspiration

Jesus dreamt
Of a world
Of one
Global family
Each person
And blood family
Being a gift
From his Abba
Attempting to
Overcome the
Barriers of
Race, colour,
Sex and creed.
Locally we
Come together
With our individualities
Our languages
And cultures

Separate and distinct….
But there are
The obstacles
Of not knowing
Each other
And therefore
Experiencing a degree
Of unsureness
And fear.
We pass different ones
Sometimes as shadows …
Each of us
So tends to
Be centred on self
And yet how
We hunger for
Change, conversion
Of our hearts
And minds.

— adapted from a poem
by T. McKillop