August 15th, 2010

You Did SO Good Mom

You have had an incredibly difficult few months and I know you will make it through this even stronger than you already are. You are such an amazing, strong woman who always puts everyone else first. You have so many friends because of the wonderful person that you are. I am who I am because of you. Thanks Mom. This is an amazing tribute to your Dad. I love you, K – you did good!

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  • Anne Brnich

    To Patti
    This is the most challenging time of your life and you truely are handling it with strength and grace. Always know your true friends are only a phone call away.. And keep on doing what you are doing because you are doing good.
    I am inspired by your perserverence and creativity… You always seem to accomplish some semblance of what is in your generous heart.. Things don’t stay in your heart.. they are always out there infuencing life in some way… Thank you. Love you.. Anne

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A poem of inspiration

Jesus dreamt
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Of one
Global family
Each person
And blood family
Being a gift
From his Abba
Attempting to
Overcome the
Barriers of
Race, colour,
Sex and creed.
Locally we
Come together
With our individualities
Our languages
And cultures

Separate and distinct….
But there are
The obstacles
Of not knowing
Each other
And therefore
Experiencing a degree
Of unsureness
And fear.
We pass different ones
Sometimes as shadows …
Each of us
So tends to
Be centred on self
And yet how
We hunger for
Change, conversion
Of our hearts
And minds.

— adapted from a poem
by T. McKillop